Best Digital Piano Buying Guide

Best Digital Piano Buying Guide

Whenever you are going to purchase a digital piano, there are certain things that must be kept in mind. Of course, every individual has different preferences & requirements. But all digital piano buyers must ask themselves the same set of questions. This article presents the most important ones:

  • Is it in my cost range?

The first query is perhaps the most obvious. Work out on your budget first. Then focus your attention on models that let you stay within it.

  • Does it have weighted keys?

The next query to ask is whether the model you are thinking about has weighted keys. Normally, what you are looking for is “Graded Hammer Action.”

This is the feature that makes the keys feel “weighted”. In case you don’t care about the piano feel, then by all means select a digital piano that doesn’t have “Graded Hammer Action.”

  • How many  keys does it have?

Before you buy your preferred model, find out how many lots of keys it contains. If you are a “newbie” this might appear insignificant to you. However, more experienced users know the importance of having the right number of keys for your needs.

  • How much does it weigh?

Another vital query to ask yourself is “how much does it weigh?” A digital piano has giant potential advantage over a traditional acoustic – it can be moved around. However, not all digital pianos are as light as you might think.

Before you invest money in yours, do a little bit of research & find out how much it weighs. You could also read the reviews & see if it is described as “portable.”

  • How popular it is?

The last query that you need to inquire about is the popularity scale. Before you buy your digital piano, find out how popular it is amongst current owners.

Obviously you have your own tastes. & if none of the people like it, that doesn’t mean that you won’t either. However, overall popularity is often a nice indication of a specific piano’s quality.

If feasible, try to select a digital piano that receives nice reviews from a number of people. This helps a lot in making a wise choice as genuine customer reviews are a real help.

Keep in mind that usually speaking the more popular a piano is, the more likely it is that you will enjoy playing it.

Hopefully, this list of questions will let you find the best digital piano for you. There may be a number of more factors to consider but this brief check list can be a nice start

Online Piano Courses

Even those who are highly motivated to take up the piano to learn their favorite songs will often find themselves frustrated early in the learning process. Learning to play the piano can take years of constant study, and expensive lessons, which do not always fit into the lifestyle of the student. If you are trying to pick up this impressive instrument, you may find it easier to learn piano online. This way, you will be able to take lessons any time from the comfort of your home, often at a far lower cost than if you were taking them in a more traditional manner. Not only that, but some of these online courses even offer faster results, so you will be playing with skill in no time.

There are a few different genres of music that students might be interested in learning. Though any playing and music reading skills will be useful in any genre that you choose, finding lessons that are tailored to your style of choice can make them more fun and easier to stick with. When looking through the available lesson options online, you will find those that are designed to teach students how to read and improvise blues music, how to pick up the skills that are useful in playing top 40 or rock songs, as well the reading skills that will enable them to play anything in a classical repertoire. Remember that any style you pick will give you the tools to read any piece of music and play in any style that you desire.

Many of these lessons, unlike the more traditional hour long versions that are offered by most teachers, are designed to be tackled at your own pace. Often, they are broken down into short sessions, of just 10 or 20 minutes, allowing students to fit them easily into even the busiest schedules. One of the keys to finding a set of lessons that will serve you well is in selecting one that you can stick with without disrupting your schedule too much.

New students should also keep in mind that some outside practice time will often be necessary to truly become skilled at the piano. Unfortunately, even the best lessons will not enable you to gain the manual dexterity and sight reading ability that a good pianist must have without dedication. Some students are helped by remembering that even the best pianists have spent countless years and hours honing their craft. Do not be afraid of starting slowly and giving yourself some time to flourish,

With lessons that allow students to learn piano online, it is becoming far easier to learn to play this incredible instrument even if you are on a tight monetary and time budget. No matter what type of music you are hoping to play, you will find that almost any set of lessons will provide you with the skills you need to play any songs that you want. Even if you have never read music in the past, these lesson plans can help you learn to play like a pro in a relatively short amount of time

Teach Piano Software


Good Idea Or Bad ?

If you’re looking for learn piano software keep reading below. You like music and that is why you have a piano at home. You have often tried to play your fingers on its keyboard too but you are finding it much difficult to operate. If this is the case with you then there are ultimate piano learning solutions available on the web. There are books which provide good contents on how to play piano fast.

But the drawbacks with the books are that these are non interactive things. You have to read out the passages, take out meanings and then practice on your own, with no bodies assistance. In contrast there are programs that help you learn play the piano. But in order to learn piano through software, first we will have to learn how to use the piano teaching program.

There are too many programs available to learn piano, in the market and therefore, you should choose one with intelligence and your need. Choosing one is never easy, so, let`s take a look into how to select one that suits our needs.

The focus of the software should be individualized, means that the program should interact with the learner individually and provide them instructions and feedbacks whenever necessary. This helps in fast learning. The software should be less informative but more interactive. There is no need of information when there is no way to learn it and simply because of this you should choose a program that has features such as customized interaction. The greater the interaction of the program in the learning activity, greater will be accuracy of the learner. The lessons should also be interactive and graphically illustrated for easy grip.
The program should be visually perfect, in sense that it should perfectly display the things to be carried on in the lessons. This visual explanation helps in learning fast and accurately. Graphics also enhances the learning activity because simply reading the instructions and watching the thing performed are two very different scenarios involved in remembrance and the later is more perfect.

The software should exit immediately. This means that whenever the user feels bored and wants to exit the application, he should be able to do it quickly, because this often results in frustration. Once the learner is frustrated with using the learning software, he is more uncomfortable with the learning process too.

The next thing to notice in the software is the speed of the lessons. If the speed of the lessons is too fast then the learner will find it more difficult to learn all the skills and at last he will be a jack of all but master of none. If the speed of the lessons in the software is too slow then the learner will be bored of the lessons and likely to lose interest in the learning activity.

The most important aspect of the piano learning software should be its feedback related services. If the program provides feedback in a real time situation then, it will help the situation. But if the software lacks real time feedback then the feedbacks are not fully utilized. The display should be easy to understand. Software enhances learning of piano.

Is It Easier To Learn Piano Over A Tradition Or Digital Piano?

There are a number of people who want to learn playing piano. But they are often confused about whether they should use a digital or a traditional piano to learn it. In order to get an idea about this it is important to go through the steps given below.

  • Digital pianos are not very expensive

The digital pianos are available in a wide variety of prices. So if one is a beginner then he or she can easily invest on a piano that suits his or her budget. After learning it well he or she can buy a more expensive piano.

  • One can use head phones in digital pianos

If a beginner wants to master the art of playing piano they he or she has to practice it regularly. The digital piano has a headphone and so one can use it when practicing to keep out the external noise. Thus this piano helps the beginner to concentrate much better as compared to traditional pianos.

  • Digital piano keeps one motivated during practice sessions

If one is learning piano then he or she might get demotivated at times. This is where the digital pianos can prove to be extremely beneficial. One can either connect it to an iPad or iPhone or use some apps while practicing. This makes the practice session much easier.

  • Digital pianos have an inbuilt metronome

The inbuilt metronome in a digital piano is extremely useful when learning to play piano. It helps in developing the inner timing of an individual. It also helps in developing his or her rhythmic skills.

One can also make use of the record function and then listen to his or her own performance. This is the best way to analyze the performance and bring about an improvement in it.

The traditional pianos definitely are exceptionally good. However a digital piano is always better for a beginner. Which is why we think choosing the best electronic keyboard for beginners is very important.


Things to Consider Before You Choose a Digital Piano

The digital pianos have become extremely popular these days. However, there are a lot of people who face problems when buying digital pianos. If one is interested to get some tips about buying digital pianos then he or she can go through the points given below:

  • Buy an 88 note digital piano

The first and the most important thing that one needs to check when buying a digital piano is whether it has an 88 note. These 88 note digital pianos might be a little expensive. But they will prove to be extremely beneficial in the future.


  • Buy digital piano with a standard width

Always buy a digital piano that has a standard width. Sitting down and playing a piano is a lot of fun. So it is important to ensure that the new digital piano that one buys is of a proper size. If these keys are of a standardized size then one will not have any issues playing the piano.

There are certain keyboards that look very similar to toys. These keyboards are much narrower. The standard digital pianos should have a width of about 23mm approximately.

  • Buy a digital piano that has a weighed action

The most important difference between traditional piano and a digital piano is the way they feel when one plays them. In order to give digital piano a feel similar to traditional pianos manufactures use certain variations called weighed action. If a digital piano does not have weighed action then the feel of keyboard will be similar to an organ.

Digital Piano

  • Pay for what you will actually use

When one buys a digital piano he or she will be shown a number of whistles and bells. Most of these go completely unused. So buy a piano which only has the sounds of a traditional piano.

It is important for a person to keep the above tips in mind when buying a digital piano. This will definitely help him or her to get good value for his or her money.


How Is Digital Piano Better Than Traditional Piano?

There can be nothing that can be compared to the sound of traditional pianos. However there are a lot of people who are choosing digital pianos over traditional pianos. If one is interested to know about the advantages of digital pianos then he or she can go through the points given below.

  1. Digital pianos are affordable

The traditional pianos are very expensive and are also quite difficult to maintain whereas a digital piano is much less costly. The digital pianos use samples to produce sounds. It is for this reason that the sound of digital pianos depend on the quality of the samples. These pianos have a variety of models available. One can choose the one that fits in hos or her budget.



  1. Digital pianos do not go out of tune

Unlike traditional pianos one does not have to tune a digital piano. The traditional pianos have to be tuned once in every six months. This is especially true if one changes his or house regularly.

If one moves the traditional pianos a lot then it tends to go out of tune. This is not at all the case with digital pianos. One can move them as much as they want and they will not go out of tune.

  1. Variety of choices available for digital pianos

There are a wide variety of digital pianos available. One can choose the one that he or she likes the best. One can either choose a piano with a grand look or a piano that is upright. Again if one wants then he or she can also go for portable stage piano.

These pianos were initially designed in order to be an alternative for traditional pianos. It is for this reason that their looks are quite similar to that of traditional pianos.


  1. Digital pianos occupy lesser space

People these days stay in small apartments and so they often do not have enough space for a traditional piano. The digital pianos consume less space and are portable. These pianos do have 88 keys. However there is no body or wooden case around it.

Digital pianos have a number of advantages. People who fall in the category of the middle income group are also able to afford these pianos as well.