Best Digital Piano Buying Guide

Best Digital Piano Buying Guide

Whenever you are going to purchase a digital piano, there are certain things that must be kept in mind. Of course, every individual has different preferences & requirements. But all digital piano buyers must ask themselves the same set of questions. This article presents the most important ones:

  • Is it in my cost range?

The first query is perhaps the most obvious. Work out on your budget first. Then focus your attention on models that let you stay within it.

  • Does it have weighted keys?

The next query to ask is whether the model you are thinking about has weighted keys. Normally, what you are looking for is “Graded Hammer Action.”

This is the feature that makes the keys feel “weighted”. In case you don’t care about the piano feel, then by all means select a digital piano that doesn’t have “Graded Hammer Action.”

  • How many  keys does it have?

Before you buy your preferred model, find out how many lots of keys it contains. If you are a “newbie” this might appear insignificant to you. However, more experienced users know the importance of having the right number of keys for your needs.

  • How much does it weigh?

Another vital query to ask yourself is “how much does it weigh?” A digital piano has giant potential advantage over a traditional acoustic – it can be moved around. However, not all digital pianos are as light as you might think.

Before you invest money in yours, do a little bit of research & find out how much it weighs. You could also read the reviews & see if it is described as “portable.”

  • How popular it is?

The last query that you need to inquire about is the popularity scale. Before you buy your digital piano, find out how popular it is amongst current owners.

Obviously you have your own tastes. & if none of the people like it, that doesn’t mean that you won’t either. However, overall popularity is often a nice indication of a specific piano’s quality.

If feasible, try to select a digital piano that receives nice reviews from a number of people. This helps a lot in making a wise choice as genuine customer reviews are a real help.

Keep in mind that usually speaking the more popular a piano is, the more likely it is that you will enjoy playing it.

Hopefully, this list of questions will let you find the best digital piano for you. There may be a number of more factors to consider but this brief check list can be a nice start

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