Things to Consider Before You Choose a Digital Piano

The digital pianos have become extremely popular these days. However, there are a lot of people who face problems when buying digital pianos. If one is interested to get some tips about buying digital pianos then he or she can go through the points given below:

  • Buy an 88 note digital piano

The first and the most important thing that one needs to check when buying a digital piano is whether it has an 88 note. These 88 note digital pianos might be a little expensive. But they will prove to be extremely beneficial in the future.


  • Buy digital piano with a standard width

Always buy a digital piano that has a standard width. Sitting down and playing a piano is a lot of fun. So it is important to ensure that the new digital piano that one buys is of a proper size. If these keys are of a standardized size then one will not have any issues playing the piano.

There are certain keyboards that look very similar to toys. These keyboards are much narrower. The standard digital pianos should have a width of about 23mm approximately.

  • Buy a digital piano that has a weighed action

The most important difference between traditional piano and a digital piano is the way they feel when one plays them. In order to give digital piano a feel similar to traditional pianos manufactures use certain variations called weighed action. If a digital piano does not have weighed action then the feel of keyboard will be similar to an organ.

Digital Piano

  • Pay for what you will actually use

When one buys a digital piano he or she will be shown a number of whistles and bells. Most of these go completely unused. So buy a piano which only has the sounds of a traditional piano.

It is important for a person to keep the above tips in mind when buying a digital piano. This will definitely help him or her to get good value for his or her money.


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